Social Dialogue in the Construction Sector

Project partners

Lead partner:

CCIS - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (its organisational part CCBMIS)

Other project partners:

•SDGD-Trade Union of Construction Workers of the Republic of Slovenia
•FIEC-European Construction Industry Federation
•BIA-Bulgarian Industrial Association
•BCC-Bulgarian Construction Chamber
•FCIW PODKREPA-Federation "Construction, Industry and Water Supply" - Podkrepa from Bulgaria
•EVOSZ-The National Federation of Hungarian Contractors
•EFEDOSZSZ-Hungarian Federation of Building, Wood and Building Material Workers' Unions
•WKÖ Bau-The Austrian Economic Chamber - Construction
•SGH-Trade Union of Construction Industry of Croatia
•HUP-Croation Employers Association  Construction Enterprise Association
•EFBH-The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers

Nature of partnership (all FROM CONSTRUCTION SECTOR):
5 national sectoral employers organisations (EO)
1 national employers organisation (EO)
4 national trade - unions (TU)
2 european social partner organisation (EO+TU)

Countries involved:
Slovenia, Croatia, Bolgaria, Hungary, Austria + Brussels (Belgium)

Project partners presentation:

CCBMIS: Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry Slovenia CCBMIS (Applicant organisation) CCBMIS is an independent, non-governmental professional association representing the interests of its member companies in the construction sector. CCBMIS is a professional industry branch association organised within the framework of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia CCIS, which is also a non-governmental employers and business organization dedicated to represent the interests of its member companies. CCBMIS main mission is prepare positions and propose policies relating to the social partners, legislative and government institutions as well as towards their domestic and international associations. The Association assists its members by disseminating different sectoral information and data, providing various consultations, legislation questions, business opportunities, organising training, as well as by representing and communicating their proposals.

SDGD: Trade Union of Construction Workers of the Republic of Slovenia. SDGD Slovenia is responsible for the exercise and expression of the interests of workers in the field Construction of socio-economic situation in Slovenia and the position of workers, Development of construction activities in Slovenia, The preparation, conclusion and implementation of collective agreements, control activities, Labor law, especially specific, which directly affects the construction and the laws and forms of co-management, Working and living conditions of workers activities, To protect the rights and protection of workers and in this context, the organization of various forms of protest, including strikes, Development of reciprocity and solidarity among workers,Professional and general education and training of workers for work and life, Informing workers and members of the union activities.

BCC: The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) is an independent, voluntary professional association and an official representative of Builders in Bulgaria. BCC members comprise around 1689 legal persons, 16 educational institutions and 7 NGOs in 27 regional offices in the country. The basic objectives of the Chamber are: identification and transparency of the activities of persons who perform construction works, improvement of construction activities management, increase of the responsibility of Builders with regard to the achievement of the essential requirements regarding construction sites and the quality of building structures, protection of the interests of construction service users, increasing the qualification of its members. BCC is social partner for the construction sector in Bulgaria.

BIA: The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business is a non-governmental organization and is a nationally recognized organization of employers and participates with its representatives in the operation of all national consultative councils, supervisory and managing bodies of state public institutions.

BIA is the only business organization which is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, thus representing the Bulgarian companies and employers’ interests on a European level. Furthermore, it actively participates in the work of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the South East European Employers’ Forum (SEEEF).

FCIW - Podkrepa: Federation "Construction, Industry and Water" - "Podkrepa" is the umbrella TU of regional trade unions, business organizations and trade union sections. The members of the Federation are working in construction activities, construction industry, public works, planning and investment, road construction, maintenance, repair, consulting and design of roads and in the activities of water, sanitation and water treatment.

EVOSZ: The National Federation of Hungarian Contractors has approximately 500 member organisations. The tasks of ÉVOSZ are representing the interests of Hungarian building contractors on national and international level, fostering the development of professional ties and exchange of information between member organisations as well as between Hungarian and international organisations, preparing professional statements on legal acts and decrees related to the construction industry, promotion the technical and professional development of the construction industry and representing its members interests in social dialogue.

EFEDOSZSZ: Construction, Wood and Building Material Workers' Unions (ÉFÉDOSZSZ) The trade union federation is representing workers' interests from construction materials industry, wood industry and construction. ÉFÉDOSZSZ as an institution is destined to act on the side of workers and protect their interests. ÉFÉDOSZSZ protects fundamental interests in employment, wage, working conditions, OSH VET and other fields.
The basic activities are to give voice to the construction trade unions and the people working for domestic and international companies, share expert knowledge, to assist member organizations to conduct collective bargaining agreement, to extend the reach of their agreements, and control of the agreements, rules, wages, position.

HUP UPG: The Croatian Employers Association HUP was the first organisation in Croatia established for the purpose of representing the interests of Croatian private capital sector. HUP represents the interests of employers to the Government, the trade unions, state agencies, other national interest groups and the general public. HUP includes employers of 27 branch associations (as one legal entity). The Association of Employers in Construction UPG is an independent and voluntary association of employers in the construction industry and has become the major negotiator from the position of employers. UPG plays a significant role in the field of labour market policy and regulations in the construction sector. It coordinates and concludes branch collective agreements. It influences the development of social legislations i.a. by negotiating with trade unions and government when such legislation is prepared.

SGH: Croatian Trade Union of Construction (SGH) is an independent non-political voluntary interest workers' union. SGH promotes the economic, social, cultural and other interests of its members on the basis of solidarity. SGH represents the interests of its membership in the areas of: labor market and wages, conditions of work and life, Social Security, protection of workers' and trade union rights, Workers' solidarity and participation, Education and training, strengthening democratic and legal state, Environmental and social integration with Europe. SGH operates on the entire Croatian territory. The union represents the interests of members of collective bargaining on working conditions. Union of Croatian Construction concludes collective agreements with employers' organizations and their representatives in enables them negotiating teams for individual employers provide professional assistance and support in concluding collective agreements at the level of the employer.

FIEC: FIEC is the European Construction Industry Federation, representing via its 34 national Member Federations in 29 countries construction enterprises of all sizes, from one person SMEs through to the large firms, of all building and civil engineering specialities, practising all kinds of working methods, whether operating as general contractors or as sub-contractors. FIEC is a Social Partner in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue of the Construction Industry together with FET BB-EFBWW-EFBH.

EFBWW: The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) is the European Industry Federation for the construction industry, the building materials industry, the wood and furniture industry and the forestry industry. The EFBWW has 72 affiliated unions in 31 countries and represents a total of 2,350,000 members. The EFBWW is a member organisation of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). The Federation's main task is to represent its affiliates in Europe and help them defend the rights and interests of the workers in the industries it covers. The EFBWW also provides a framework for union cooperation and the coordination of action taken in the industries we represent.