Social Dialogue in the Construction Sector


Arhiv: Building of a future transport infrastructure projects in Slovenia - developmental opportunity or necessity?

To the conference we have invited the best possible national and foreign experts in the field of infrastructure, project management, planning, banking, etc. Substantive discussion about the importance of transport infrastructure and the need for construction of new infrastructural projects is already underway in a specially established twenty-five member Program and Organization Committee of the conference, which gathers experts from companies that are involved in the process of construction, maintenance, management and finance of transport infrastructure. Following the completion of the conference we are planning further activities, because we want to contribute to the promotion of activities and seek consensus for the implementation of future investments.

 Objectives of the organization of professional conference:
• To create a platform for establishing better communication and information flow.
• To connect the large government and private institutions and clients.
• To produce high-quality conclusions from the meeting, that will help to complete the Resolution on transport infrastructure and to implement it in practice
• To include banks in the debate on financing of future projects.
• To continue activities even after the conclusion of the conference.


CCIS CCBMIS is coorganizer.


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