Project aims


  The aims of the project Post-crisis Social Dialogue in the Construction Sector are
  • Anticipation, preparation and management of change and restructuring in the construction sector in the post-crisis
  • Adaptation of social dialogue in the construction sector to changes in employment and work
  • Strengthening the role of social partners and tripartite cooperation in the construction sector

 By addressing these objectives, the project will address the employment and social dimensions of the EU priorities relating to the exits from the economic crisis and will contribute to reaching the objectives and targets of the Europe 2020 strategy especially of its flagship initiative An Agenda for New Skills and Jobs.

The main expected outcome of the project Post-crisis Social Dialogue in the Construction Sector

  • is improved capacity and reinforced role of social partners in the construction sector in the involved countries
  • quality input to European debate and social dialogue issues in the construction sector on European level
  • better management of change and restructuring in the participating countries

The involved employers organizations (EO) and trade unions (TU) in the construction industry, other partners and construction companies will increase their expertise and hand on knowledge in the field of restructuring, management of change and the adaptation of social dialogue to changes in work and employment. The will especially investigate in the establishment of a paritarian fund to manage restructuring in construction companies and prepare a concept for Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria. WKÖ Bauinnung, FIEC and EFBWW will provide knowhow and expertise on this topic to the project partners from the new member states and a candidate country.

Further, the involved social partners will be better able to manage the post-crisis in their sector (restructuring) and build a perspective for the future and thus safeguarding existing jobs and fostering the creation of new jobs. As a result of the project, we expect a better involvement of social partners in the discussion and the preparation of measures supporting the construction sector. The project partnership will lead to a strong network of key actors in the construction sector. The network and the involved experts will provide support to each other also after the end of the project.